Brussels, 3 February 2011: European airports saw passenger traffic increase by +4.2% in 2010 compared to 2009. Over the same period, freight traffic increased by +18.7% while movements dropped by -0.2%. 
The year ended with limited overall passenger traffic growth among European airports at +0.6% in December 2010 when compared with December 2009, as a result of both continuing economic hardship in several European countries and exceptional weather disruptions in parts of France, Germany, the UK and Ireland. The overall freight traffic increased by +6.3% in December 2010 when compared with the corresponding month in 2009. The overall figure for movements at European airports decreased by -1.1% in December 2010 when compared with December 2009. 
Olivier Jankovec, Director General ACI EUROPE, commented “What we have seen in 2010 at European airports is a gradual yet incomplete air traffic recovery – not the kind of bounce back you would expect following the worst economic and financial crisis. The volcanic ash crisis took a heavy toll, but the pace of air traffic growth was also held down by a jobless economic recovery throughout most of Europe, mounting sovereign debt crises and sweeping harsh austerity measures. As a result, passenger traffic last year still stayed below 2008 levels by -1.2%, with volumes hovering underneath 2007 figures. Significantly, there was no reversal of network contraction, as airlines have yet to fully restore frequencies and destinations cut during the crisis. Only freight traffic finally managed to stage a complete recovery at +2.2% over 2008 levels.” 
He added “Throughout 2010, air traffic also reflected the diverse performance of individual European economies and the impact of national aviation taxes. While Russian and Turkish airports were top of the league, almost systematically achieving double digit traffic growth - Greek, Irish and British airports found themselves at the bottom, still loosing traffic. 
While the first weeks of 2011 saw strong passenger traffic growth at an increasing number of European airports, ACI EUROPE remains cautious on the outlook for the full year. The dynamic and sustainability of air traffic growth in Europe is likely to be affected by several external factors, including the ability of the EU to tackle the continent’s debt crisis, inflationary pressures and in particular further surges in oil prices as well as additional aviation taxes in Germany and Austria. 
In December 2009, airports welcoming more than 25 million passengers per year (Group 1), airports welcoming between 10 and 25 million passengers (Group 2), airports welcoming between 5 and 10 million passengers (Group 3) and airports welcoming less than 5 million passengers per year (Group 4) reported an average increase/decrease of -1.2%, +1.5%, +1.4% and +3.4% respectively when compared with December 2009. The same comparison of December 2010 with December 2008 demonstrates an average increase/decrease of +1.2%, +4.1%, -0.4% and +5.8% respectively. 
Examples of airports that experienced the highest increase in passenger traffic per group, when comparing December 2010 with December 2009, include: 
•         Group 1 airports – Barcelona (+7.9%), Munich (+6.3%), Rome FCO (+5.1%) and Amsterdam (+4.4%) 
•         Group 2 airports – Moscow SVO (+21.0%), Stockholm ARN (+11.4%), Copenhagen (+9.7%) and Oslo (+9.1%) 
•         Group 3 airports – Istanbul SAW (+23.5%), Ankara (+18.1%), Milan LIN (+10.3%), and Moscow VKO (+8.7%) 
•         Group 4 airports – Brindisi (+56.9%), Trieste (+29.6%), Bari (+26.6%), and Belgrade (+18.9%). 
The ‘ACI EUROPE Airport Traffic Report – December 2010’ includes 125 airports in total collectively accounting for 80% of European air traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is regular shuttle bus to/from Skopje International Airport for passengers that drives and stops at key bus stops throughout the City of Skopje and arrives at the airport. V2V Transporter manages and operates the shuttle buses for passengers. The shuttle bus timetable is prepared according to the arrivals/departures of flights at Skopje International Airport. One way ticket for the shuttle bus costs MKD 199. You can find more information in Passenger guide section on our the webpage, or click Bus.

Skopje International Airport operates 24/7. Restaurants and cafes such as Cakes & Bakes, Café In, Burger King and NeedStop are available for the passengers at any time; business lounge (PrimeClass CIP Service) offers you comfort 24/7, while ATU Duty Free is opened as per the flights timetable and offers wide range of products.  

Check-in at the passenger and baggage check-in counters starts 180 minutes (3 hours) before the scheduled time of departure (STD) specified on your flight ticket. The closing time of the airport check-in counter is no later than 60 minutes before STD stated on your flight ticket.
Since the beginning of COVID–19 pandemic, due to the requirements for different travel documents imposed by different countries, TAV Macedonia appeals to passengers to arrive at the airport 3 hours before take-off.

For information about your flight, please follow Skopje International Airport website, in the Arrivals and Departures section, where all changes to the flights schedule are updated in real time, i.e., as we receive information by airlines.

If you need urgent additional information about your flight, you can call Skopje International Airport Information Desk on the phone number: +38923148333, it is open 24/7.

Passengers are allowed to carry on board free of charge items such as coat, 1 umbrella or walking stick, 1 ladies handbag, 1 camera or binoculars, 1 baby transporter, 1 pair of crutches or similar prosthetic aids, medical equipment on which the passenger is fully dependent, a reasonable quantity of baby food.

Regarding the baggage fees amount, please contact your airline, because each airline has its own baggage policy and applicable rules.

If you have any specific question about what you can or cannot carry, i.e. allowed/prohibited items, in your baggage, please send your question to our Customer Relations Department at

In case of lost or damaged baggage, please immediately go to the Lost & Found Department, which is located near the baggage claim area, i.e. in the Arrivals Area after Passport Control and before Customs Control.
Our employees from L&F will prepare a lost/damaged baggage report for you, that you’ll later on send it to your airline. If you need to contact the Lost&Found department, please write us on: 
For lost or found items on the plane, please contact us at the same email: 
If you lose or find a personal item in the airport building, please report it immediately either to the Information Desk or to the Security staff, while if you have already left the airport, please write to us at
All details at:

Yes. Since 2015 TAV Macedonia has introduced free Wi-Fi internet at Skopje International Airport, which was upgraded in 2019. Passengers can access free internet through their mobile devices by simply connecting to a wireless network called TAV Airports, password is not required.

You can park your vehicle in our parking lot without prior reservation. This service is available 24/7 at Skopje International Airport. 
Car Park Pricelist:
1h – MKD 100
2h – MKD 150 
3h – MKD 200 
3h-4h – MKD 300 
4h-6h – MKD 400
6h-8h – MKD 500
24h – MKD 1,000
3-5 days – MKD 3,500
5-7 days – MKD 4,500
Each additional day – MKD 400 
For more information on parking services, please click on Parking.

Yes. At Skopje International Airport there are specially designated, marked parking lots for persons with disabilities and the car park services are free of charge within 24 hours. By enclosing the traffic license and the disability identification card at the Car Park Payment Counter, located inside the terminal building, our employees will cancel the car park ticket and the person with disability will be automatically exempt from paying for the car park service. If all designated parking lots for persons with disabilities are occupied, park your car on a regular parking lot, and following the above stated procedure you will be exempted from paying for the car park services.
For more information on parking services, please click on Parking or visit Passengers with disabilities.

Yes. At Skopje International Airport there is a Special Assistance Service for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs). The counter where you can ask for this free of charge service is located inside the Terminal building, next to the Information Desk. Passenger with Reduced Mobility (PRM) means any person whose mobility is reduced due to physical incapacity (sensor or locomotor), intellectual deficiency, age, illness, or other cause of disability.

Yes. There is a smoking room at Skopje International Airport, which is located in the security-restricted area, airside. The smoking room is located next to Gate number 201, i.e., on the left side after you pass passport control and security screening.
In addition to the smoking room, passengers can use the open terraces of the cafeterias located at the entrance to the terminal building of the airport.
Smoking is prohibited in all other areas of the terminal building. 

For general question or inquiry that does not require immediate response, or if you have any other complaint or compliment, please send an e-mail to This is our Customer Relations Department, which will respond to your inquiry accordingly as soon as possible..